Driving Instructor Billingham.

Call Back Service

Text 07847 539 917 for a call back.

Convenient Hours

Do you work unsociable hours? No problem, I work around you.

Free Training Materials

I offer Free Theory and Hazard Perception Software as well as a Free highway code manual for pupils block booking.

Buddy Up

Buddy system available if required.

Get Rewarded

Refer a friend as a new pupil and be rewarded.

Ged Trainor For Professional Driving Tuition

Is 10 lessons for £99 Too good to be true? Yes it probably is... BEWARE These offers always come with the wording Terms and conditions apply and theres usually something nasty hidden in these terms. Make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for. You wont find 10 for £99 here but I publish my prices Nothing is hidden and you can book as many blocks as you want NO LIMIT

We don't sit at the side of the road talking about learning how to drive


In order to take out any instructed driving lessons please be aware that you will need a valid, signed provisional driving licence. Lessons are usually 1 or 2 full hours but I can be flexible.

Each driving lesson is usually on a 1 to 1 basis but I also offer a Buddy/Buddy scheme. Buddy/Buddy scheme is for clients who may be too nervous to learn alone and may wish to learn at the same time with a friend. With one in the driver’s seat and the other watching in the back before switching seats. If either or both friends start to feel more confident they could start taking lessons on their own.

I offer the following aspects of driver training:

Complete beginner to experienced learner
Pass Plus
Theory Test / Hazard Perception training in car and theory discs
Mock test / Assessment for pupils who have learnt with friends or family
Refresher lessons
Motorway lessons


Please find below the price list.


Hourly Rate    £25
10 Hours    £225
20 Hours    £450
30 Hours    £675
Train 'til you pass    from £1500


Pass plus £130 for existing pupils. £160 Others  

Train 'Til You Pass

We offer a Train until you pass scheme with unlimited lessons




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Crash Courses

We Don't do crash courses. We try to avoid crashes at all costs. Ask about our Intensive Driving Courses tailored to meet your driving needs 

Useful Links

Take an official DSA Practice theory test

Why we teach safe driving for life

Apply for your provisional licence online

Book your official DSA driving theory test online

Book your official DSA practical driving test online


If you do not want the hassle of booking your test do not worry. I can do all that for you at no extra charge.